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Speed Up a Slow Loading Website

Optimizing a website for fast loading performance seems to be overlooked by many website designers. Fortunately, we know how to properly optimize WordPress websites for optimal speed and web page loading performance.

We use a variety of techniques, tools, plugins, configurations, and other modern technology to achieve this. If your current website is suffering from slow loading web pages, contact us and we can perform a website audit, consult with you, and make appropriate recommendations.

Special Website Plugins / Functions

If you are looking for a specific feature for your website or need some assistance for your WordPress website, we will be more than happy to consult with you about your options and how we can help you out. Every website is unique and with WordPress being the most popular content management system for creating websites, there are many solutions to meet just about any of your needs.

Fix a Hacked Website & Clean Malware

It’s very unfortunate to have your website hacked. This can happen from an out-of-date WordPress plugin granting hackers access to your website to a weak administrator password. Another method hackers use to gain entry to a WordPress website is through brute-force login attempts, which also significantly slows down a website. Also, a disgruntled ex-employee can bring down an entire website.

Whichever the case may be, we can help clean up and restore your website to its former glory. Even if your website is completely gone, we have a method of retrieving the website and are able to recreate the it.

We also perform rigorous malware scans and fix any potential unwanted threats. We can install and configure one of the most popular WordPress security firewall plugin’s to prevent hackers from gaining access to your website; which will also scan your website for malware on a regular basis and prevent brute-force logins.

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