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Pay-Per-Click Management

For Local, national & eCommerice business

Advertise on Google and Partner Websites

Be found in Google search results, websites, apps and YouTube

People live in the moments of life and the majority of people today will search Google when they need answers, a service or product. At Optic Cell Media, we research keywords and terms that work best for successful campaigns. Advertise on Google, YouTube, apps, and partner websites throughout the internet and be seen only when your ad is relevant to users through targeted keywords, remarketing and relevant content on websites and within apps. We constantly work to optimize and strengthen ad campaigns through data analytics, user behaviors, demographics, keywords and more.

Local, National & eCommerce PPC Campaigns

Best for businesses with 3 or fewer locally owned locations and would like to provide services and/or products within their local areas’.

Ideal for businesses that provide services across the United States or other countries as well as businesses with 4 or more locations.

Perfect for businesses that want to market products and reach a large audience of potential customers through Google shopping ads.

Increase Sales, Leads & User Engagement

Measuring success can be difficult to measure with other types of marketing media ads such as tv, radio, newspaper, and postcards. With Google AdWords and Google Analytics, we are able to measure and track success every step of the way. We spend the time learning the behaviors of your ideal customers and how to convert more customers of the same type for your products and/or services. We also track phone call conversions which only count after a set amount of time (usually 30 or 60 seconds). This way we don’t track quick hang ups or short, no thank you, calls.

Pay-Per-Click Management Features

Advanced Tracking & Remarketing Strategies

We setup Google Analytics goals to track every time someone submits a form on your website, clicks a specific link, watches a certain video or performs any other action so we can measure success, learn how that success happened, and we capitalize on that knowledge to the benefit of your business. This is one of our many strategies and tactics that we use to constantly optimize the performance of your AdWords PPC campaigns to reach your ideal customers.

Bring back previous website visitors with targeted ads. By tracking users visiting specific portions of your website, targeted display ads can be shown to those users on other websites, and in mobile apps, in order to draw them back to your website to convert them into a customer for your product or service. Remarketing has shown to greatly increase repeat visitors, customer conversions, and on-site time.

Google Tracking Code Configured & Installed

We use Google Anlaytics to track user actions and behaviors on websites. We can work with your website designer to install the tracking code or we can install the code ourselves (requires proper website credentials). We mainly use Google Tag Manager, which allows the standard Google Analytics tracking code tag to be implemented in your website, as well as more advanced, custom-designed, tracking tags for Google Analytics data and goals.

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