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Designed towards your industry style and personal liking, our talented website designers create beautiful website designs that are optimized for search engines and performance. One of the most important aspects of a website is how it looks and functions, which is primarily based upon a website template. Website template designs are based upon a creative project brief, created at the start of the project, which includes the input of your ideas, requests, examples, and notes from our consultations.

Choose From a Pre-Made Website Template

Designed towards your industry style and personal liking, have one of our website designers create a beautiful and optimized custom website from a pre-design template, example websites, images, information, and content submitted by you.

Pick a Winning Template from a Design Contest

In order to provide the best template design for your website, Optic Cell Media hosts a design contest where multiple website designers submit custom website template designs for you and your colleagues, friends, and family to vote/comment on. This way you can make a logical decision on which website template design is best to choose as the overall design for your website.

After the contest, one of our website designers will create an exquisite website that is also optimized using the chosen template as well as images, information, and content submitted by you. This is the best choice for those who like options and want a truly unique website.

How It Works: Website Design Process

Each step of the process is developed to provide an organized approach to custom website design

1. Discovery

Let’s Make an Awesome Website

Creative Project Brief

Before we start designing your website, we like to collaborate with you in order to explore your vision and goals. A creative project brief is created through a series of questions and is then provided to our website designers. This way, we will be able to define the scope of the project more precisely as it offers additional insight into the project.

Be Part of the Design Process

Be involved in every step of the way and provide valuable feedback so we can design a website that you’ll be proud of and share with others. We’ll also provide expert design tips and recommendations along the way to ensure a great experience for end users and, most importantly, increase website conversions.

2. Website Template from Design Contest

Get a custom and professional website template design for us to work from

Host an Interactive Design Contest

Expect around 50+ custom website templates starting at $600*

Invite colleagues, staff, friends, and family to vote & comment

Get a unique “one-of-a-kind” custom designed website

*Starting price is for design contest only. You’ll receive source files from the winning design after contest is completed. Aside from lorem ipsum placement text, price does not include converting template into a website, adding content, etc. Contact us for more details.

Pre-Made Template

5 page editable website starting at $1,399

Choose From a Gallery of Templates

Designed towards your industry style and personal liking

Pick a template design for your website

Template Contest

5 page editable website starting at $2,199

Host an Interactive Design Contest

Invite colleagues, friends, and family to vote & comment

Get a unique “one-of-a-kind” custom designed website

Choose from a gallery of pre-made templates or have us host a contest for multiple designers to submit their custom-made templates

3. Transform a Template into a Website

After choosing a winning template, we start building your website

Website Design & Layout

We use the chosen template design to create an interactive and mobile-friendly website. We also setup basic content layouts for each page, based upon the creative project brief. Place holders are also created throughout each page for future design elements and copywrite text where applicable. This is the start of the user experience design.

Exclusive Access to Web Design Project

While your website remains under construction on our server, with a maintenance page shown to the public, you gain exclusive subscriber level access to your custom website after we setup the basics along with a homepage. From there, you will be able to see our progress and provide feedback as we create your website. Administrator and editor access is granted after final payment and website launch.

4. Content Development

Time to integrate images, text and more

Append Content Throughout

Content supplied by you, such as copywrite and images, and from our professional copywriting and creative design services, is added throughout the website. Typography techniques are applied to text as well as improvements to website usability.

Add Some Website Magic

Additional functionality and interaction design is implemented into the website through jQuery animations, interactive website elements, photo galleries, and so much more. If you would like your website to perform a specific function, please let us know. We can do blogs, live chat, custom forms, shopping carts, bookings/appointments, calendars, and more. It’s like adding magic to a website!

5. Beta Testing & Polish

Make sure everything works and look great

Test Website & Adjust Accordingly

We perform modifications to the content layout, site structure, page functions and website usability as we work closely with you to deliver a great website experience. We also extensively test your website and perform edits to ensure your website is functioning correctly, looking great on devices, performing well and meets our high-quality expectations.

Make it Shine & Enhance the Experience

We work to refine the content layout, site structure, design and more to smooth out rough edges, and give your website a polished look and feel. We also implement basic onsite SEO configurations so your website content can be found, meets Google’s high standards of website design and web page tests.

6. Proof Review & Launch Website

Final Proof Review by Client

Proof Review Website

Once your website is completed, we require you to perform a final proof review on all pages on your website. We suggest having one or more people proof review your website as fresh eyes are great to have to spot anything that might have been otherwise overlooked. Be sure to proofread all spelling, grammar, punctuation, graphic elements, layout and designs before approving artwork. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the proof is correct and ready for production.

Approve for Public Launch

After final payment has been received and you approve the website for public launch, we will make it live. We recommend listing your business in local business listings including Google My Business, Bing Local and Yahoo Local so you can start building your online presence. If you need additional creative design, content writing, local business listings, SEO or PPC services, please contact us to learn more.

Additional Website Services:

Content Writing

Provide your own copywrite or have us research and write your headlines and written content on pages.

Blog Section

Publish, share and promote informative articles about your business, insights, services, products, and more.

Additional Pages

We'll design a layout for each page, based upon the creative project brief supplied at the start for new pages, posts, etc.


Upload your pictures and/or have our designers create graphics for your website, blog, and social media.


Add a video to your homepage, blog, or social media for the best engagement.
Learn More.

Custom Features

Let us know if you would like any specific features such as live chat, eCommerce, SSL certificates, landing pages, etc.

Let's make an awesome website!

You Get to Own of Your Website

Instead of limiting websites to one web hosting provider, you’re free to do as you wish with your custom designed website after final payment. Your website will be 100% yours to keep forever. Although you may choose to use your own web hosting provider, we offer our clients our own web hosting solution which includes website hosting for one domain, unlimited business emails and one registered domain name (restrictions apply). Additional add-on services are available which include SSL certificates, content delivery networks (CDNs), email spam filtering, and more.

We’re happy to transfer any website to another web hosting provider for a small fee. This is to cover our time in transferring the website. We do require specific technologies to be supported. You may choose to transfer the website yourself at no cost, but please keep in mind that you’ll be on your own and will be missing out on important updates for your website. If you wish for us to manage and keep your website up-to-date using your own web hosting provider, let us know and we can discuss accommodations.

About our Template Design Contest

Additional details about hosting a template design contest

Multiple Designs from Multiple Designers

Host a design contest for the perfect website template

Diverse Amount of Creative Templates

We host design contests where multiple expert designers submit their custom designed website templates for your new website. Design ideas and inspiration are drawn from your logo, color palette, mission, vision and comments included in the creative project brief. This ensures you receive a diverse amount of creative website templates that are designed to meet your needs. We have scalable packages in which you could end up receiving between 6 to 100+ design templates for your website, all custom created, with our top tier including designs submitted from top website designers from around the world.

Invite, Rate & Comment for a Winning Design

Colleagues, staff, family and friends all can be invited to rate and comment on submitted designs. Receive priceless feedback from everyone, in an organized fashion. This gives you the best insight to make an informed decision before going ahead and starting the design phase of your custom website. What’s more, the winning design has unlimited minor revisions, such as changes to colors and fonts, so the winning design can be adjusted after the contest has ended.

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